Tennis elbow questions 
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 Tennis elbow questions

Hi all!

I think I have developed a slight case of "tennis elbow", and am wondering
if any "experts" can offer some suggestions.  I have an annoying pain on my
left lateral elbow, which comes unexpectedly when I do certain tasks, from
raking leaves (how I think I got it in the first place), to lifting a cup
of coffee when my arm is in a certain position. It seems worse when I
extend my arm. I DO do a lot of pushing with my left arm at my job.

I have tried to research this on the net, and have seen many conflicting says anti-inflammatory {*filter*}, the other says not; one
says a splint would be good, the other site says that won't help with scar
tissue; exercise it, rest it... you see what I mean.

It is NOT severe, just annoying, and I am reluctant to see my physician if
I can take care of it myself.  It has gotten worse over the last few weeks
though, so I obviously will go see him if I can't "cure" it myself.

Thanks in advance!


Sat, 13 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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