Removing protein buildup on the contact lense : help 
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 Removing protein buildup on the contact lense : help

Hi out there,

        Anybody have any experience of removing protein build up on contact
        lenses? like using a microscope and micro tweezers (if such an instrument
        exhists? ). The normal approach of using enzymatic cleaners does not seem
        to help. The protein build up is almost to the point, where you can feel
        little grains with your fingers...

        On a related query:

        Anybody have any stories related to experience with laser radial keratotomy ?
        any pointers, information?

        please email.

...ames!vsi1!v7fs1!U.N.Owen    **** Aunt Agatha  Where are you ? :-) ********

Sun, 21 Mar 1993 04:58:58 GMT
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