Daughter stops breathing intermittantly 
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 Daughter stops breathing intermittantly

A co-worker posted this on a HP local notesgroup, and I suggested he try
sci.med (it looked to be appropriate here) but he has no access to this group,
so I am posting it for him, at his request. Please make sure replies are
directed to him, not me. Thanks.
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Januari 1st, 1993 (what a day) my wife gave birth to our daughter.
Since Jan 4th, she stops breathing intermittently. She stayed her
life in hospital so far. All the results of the examinations are
positive. (heart, lungs, stomach, thyroid (gland), just name it).
"The doctor is making up his mind for the next step."

The cause is not discovered yet. The reason of this string is to
get input, clues, ideas and the like.

What I see is:
- She drinks slow, and tampers with the milk.
  It lasts up to an hour to feed 100 cc (= 0.1 liter);
- She does not vomit (spew) any milk;
- She does not bring up wind (belch/burp) at all;
  We have to romp with her to bring it up.
- Her tongue is always a little bit out of her mouth;
- If she belches the wind is blocked up by her tongue,
  then a deglution, and so on. Till she fade to purple;
- Or she breath four times slightly, keeps her breath for
  20/30 seconds, and so on. Till she looks ash-pale;
- The SaO2 goes back to 60% from time to time.
  SaO2 is Saturation or Oxygen rate in the {*filter*};
- It looks like it happens more frequently after
  {*filter*}feeding, instead of bottle feeding.
- She is mentally normal.
- An E.E.G. shows no problems related to her breathing.

I have no access to this notesgroup. Please E-mail.

Ton 't Lam.

Again, please direct responses to the above name, not the poster. Also,
if you post a response on the net, please also email a copy, as the
intended recipient wouldn't see it otherwise.

Sun, 23 Jul 1995 02:54:26 GMT
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