Patty Hearst, hostages, "Stockholm syndrome"? 
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 Patty Hearst, hostages, "Stockholm syndrome"?


When Patty Hearst was robbing banks, and continuing with later
cases of hostage taking, there was considerable discussion of how
the ordeal of such capitivity leads to the victims sympathizing
-- and later, even cooperating -- with their captors.  I believe
this was called the "Stockholm syndrome" (though I could be wrong
and do not know why it would be called this).  In any case ...
are there any good books that describe how and why this occurs?


We unmasked the doctrines of objectivity because they threatened our
budding sense of collective historical subjectivity and agency, and we
ended up with one more excuse for not learning any post-Newtonian physics.
                          -- Donna Haraway  ("Situated Knowledges")

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