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 Brown Recluse Spider...

A while back there was quite a bit of talk regarding a brown recluse spider
bite from an unfortunate victim. This lead to a discussion of where the spider
was found in the US. In the March issue of 'Good Housekeeping' magazine, there

State U. in Pullman, Washington. He stated there have been no true brown
recluse spiders *ever* found in Utah or the Pacific Northwest. He speculates
that the spider people have been calling the brown recluse is actually an ag-
gressive house spider called Tegenaria Agresti. The picture accompanying the
letter shows a slender, light brown spider. Professor Akre also said the bite
from this spider usually develops into a long-lasting necrotic lesion, that
human deaths, tho uncommon, can occur, and that pets frequently die from these
spider bites. These spiders are much more active than the brown recluse (es-
pecially males), and more prone to bite.
Has anyone else heard of these spiders, and have been unlucky enough to have
been bitten by them?

Beverly "hates all insects, good or bad" H.

Fri, 09 Aug 1996 19:34:04 GMT
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