Genital Warts and Interferon Treatment 
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 Genital Warts and Interferon Treatment

I have a few questions about {*filter*} warts, both in terms of communicability
and treatment.

I am a male, and have become involved in a relationship with a women who
has recently (within the last year) acquired {*filter*} warts.  Firstly, I would
like to be aware as to my risk of contracting the virus, as well as ways to
reduce my risk.  Is there a reference to which I can be directed?  Would
anyone like to respond directly with information?

I would also appreciate any other information regarding the disease.

My friend recently visited a doctor who informed her that there is a
new treatment for {*filter*} warts involving interferon.  Apparently, this
is still considered an experimental treatment, but it seems to be
successful at treating existing warts and stopping new ones from appearing.
Is anyone familiar with this?  Is it a cure?  After interferon treatment,
is the person cured of the virus?  Are they still a carrier?  Can they still
pass on the virus?

The doctor also indicated that interferon treatment is expensive and since
it is experimental, would not be covered by medical insurance.  How
expensive is such a treatment?  Is it true that it would not be covered by
normal medical insurance?  Might this situation change?

Are there any known dangers associated with this type of treatment?

Lastly, if this treatment is experimental, are there currently clinical
tests being done?  Is there some way that my friend can become involved
in these tests?


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Wed, 20 Nov 1996 16:07:47 GMT
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