"normal" body temperature 
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 "normal" body temperature


>=I was wondering about the normal range of body temperature.  The stated
>=average is about 98.6 F.  What is the standard deviation around this
>=temp.  I also was wondering about the normal variation during a day
>=(e.g. low when first awakening, peaking after excercise, etc).
>Normal body temperature (oral) is 98.6 degree F + or - 0.6 degrees (1SD):
>    range 97.2 to 99.8 considered normal
>Rectal: 99.8 + or - 0.6 (range: 98.6 to 101.0

Have any studies been done on the correlation of normal body
temperature with metabolism?  In other words, is there any
evidence that a body temperature of 97.6 deg F is likely to
be associated with unusually high (or low) metabolic rate?

Sat, 11 Jun 1994 18:35:19 GMT
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