"Cardiac Arrest" computer program 
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 "Cardiac Arrest" computer program


a friend of mine has been using a computer program called "Cardiac
Arrest" by Mad Scientist Software on an Atari ST computer.
As far as I know this program simulates emergencies at a hospital
quite accurately, and he has been using it for his training.

Recently he has switched over to a Mac. Now he is looking for a Mac
version of this program. Is there anything similar for the Mac and
where can he obtain it?

Any names and addresses of distributors, preferably in Germany, would be



Mon, 09 Dec 1996 18:31:24 GMT
 "Cardiac Arrest" computer program

I can't help you out in your effort to find that Mac program on Cardiac
Arrest, but maybe you could help me out.  I / We are looking for a similar
program that would run on an IBM.  Have you had any other replies to your


Fri, 14 Feb 1997 13:14:02 GMT
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