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But the drug companies are filled with caring loving individuals who do NOT
put profit about health.  Right!


Press release
Bill Moyers is to be warmly commended for his March 26 program "Trade
Secrets".  This PBS Special will document the chemical industry's
{*filter*} in denying information on the grave cancer risks to hundreds of
thousands of workers manufacturing the potent carcinogen vinyl chloride
(VC) and its polyvinyl chloride (PVC) product.

As newsworthy is the fact that there is a decades-long track record of
numerous such conspiracies involving a wide range of industries and
chemicals, besides VC.  These conspiracies have resulted in an escalation
in the incidence and mortality of cancer, and chronic disease, among
workers and the general public unknowingly exposed to toxics and
carcinogens in the workplace, air, water and consumer products--food,
household products, and cosmetics and toiletries.

This misconduct involves negligence, manipulation, suppression, distortion
and destruction of health and environmental data by mainstream industries,
their consultants and trade associations, notably the Chemical
Manufacturers Association (CMA).  These practices are so frequent as to
preclude dismissal as exceptional aberrations and, in many instances,
arguably rise to the level of criminality as illustrated below:

Suppression of evidence from the early 1960's on the toxicity of VC by
Dow Chemical, and on its carcinogenicity from 1970 by the VC/PVC industry
and the CMA. Based on these findings, a blue ribbon committee of the
American Association for the Advancement of Science charged in 1976 that:
"Because of the suppression of these data (by the CMA), tens of thousands
of workers were exposed without warning--to toxic concentrations of VC".

Suppression of evidence since the 1930's on the hazards of asbestos,
asbestosis and lung cancer, by Johns-Manville and Raybestos-Manhattan,
besides the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.  This information was
detailed in industry documents dubbed the "Asbestos Pentagon Papers",
released at 1978 Congressional Hearings.

Suppression by Rohm and Haas of information, known since 1962 but not
released until 1971, on the potent carcinogenicity of the resin
bischloromethylether. This resulted in deaths from lung cancer of some 50
men, many non-smokers and under the age of 50.

Suppression of carcinogenicity data on organochlorine pesticides:
Aldrin/Dieldrin, by Shell Chemical Company since 1962;
Chlordane/Heptachlor, by Velsicol Chemical Company since 1959; and Kepone,
by Allied Chemical Company since the early 1960's.

Falsification in the early 1970's of test data on the drug Aldactone and
artificial sweetener Aspartame by Hazleton Laboratories under contract to
G.D. Searle Company.

Falsification and manipulation by Monsanto since the 1960's of data on
dioxin, and its contamination of products including the herbicide Agent
Orange, designed to block occupational exposure claims and tightening of
federal regulations. This evidence was detailed in 1990 by Environmental
Protection Agency's Office of Criminal Investigation which charged Monsanto
with a "long pattern of fraud" and with reporting "false information" to
the Agency.

Fraudulent claims by Monsanto since 1985 that genetically engineered
(rBGH) milk is indistinguishable from natural milk.  These claims persist
despite contrary evidence.

Monsanto's reckless marketing in 1976 of plastic Coke bottles made from
acrylonitrile, a chemical closely related to VC, prior to its testing for
carcinogenicity and migration into the Coke.  The bottles were subsequently
banned after acrylonitrile was found to be a potent carcinogen
contaminating the Coke.

Destruction of epidemiological data on ethyleneimine and other chemicals
by Dow and DuPont.  This was admitted at 1973 Department of Labor Advisory
Committee meetings in response to challenges to produce data on whose basis
industry had falsely claimed that these chemicals were not carcinogens.

Destruction of test data on {*filter*}, cooking.net">food additives, and pesticides as
admitted in 1977 by Industrial Biotest Laboratories, under contract to
major chemical industries.

Failure of the mainstream cosmetics and toiletry industries to warn of
the wide range of avoidable carcinogenic ingredients, contaminants and
precursors in their products used by the great majority of the U.S.
population over virtually their lifetimes.

(For supporting documentation of the above charges, see the author's:
Testimony on White Collar Crime, H.R. 4973, before the Subcommittee on
Crime of the House Judiciary Committee, 12/13/79; The Politics of Cancer,
1979; and The Politics of Cancer, Revisited, 1998.)

Hopefully, the public and the media will be outraged by this longstanding
evidence of recklessness and conspiracies, graphically reinforced by
Moyers' program. The public and the media should finally hold industry
accountable, and demand urgent investigation and radical reform of current
industry practices besides governmental unresponsiveness.  The Moyers'
program has already galvanized formation of a coalition of grassroots
citizen groups, "Coming Clean", to demand more responsible and open
industry practices, including phasing out the use and manufacture of toxic

Criticism should also be directed to the multibillion dollar cancer
establishment--the National Cancer Institute and American Cancer
Society--for their failure to warn Congress, regulatory agencies and the
general public of the scientific evidence on the permeation of the totality
of the environment with often persistent industrial carcinogens thus
precluding corrective legislation and regulation, besides denying workers
and the public of their inalienable right-to-know.

NOTE:  PRNewswire, the nation's largest newswire service, who has released
Cancer Prevention Coalition's numerous press releases for the last five
years, refused to issue this release on "legal grounds".

DATE        March 23, 2001

SOURCE    Cancer Prevention Coalition

CONTACT:  Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., Chairman of the Cancer Prevention
Coalition and Professor environmental and occupational medicine, University


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