Canker Sores 
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 Canker Sores

My husband is suffering from a group of canker sores which are
very painful.  They are located deep, almost in the throat

We called the doctor and he said that it is probably just viral
and to take Cepacol lozenges and gargle with Cepacol mouth wash.
He also said they would just have to run their course.

My husband is not satisfied with this.  Previously (about two years
ago) he was treated with Ceclor and, subsequently, developed a similar
problem.  Although the doctor (not the same one) did not diagnose it as
thrush, he did say it was similar and prescribed Mycostatin which cleared
it up.  The current physician did not feel that this would work in this
case (this was a phone consultation).

In addition to the Cepacol, he has been taking Acidophilus in the
hopes that this would help.

Anyone have info on what is the course for this type of problem and/or
can anyone advise how long it takes to clear up from the time of onset?

Appreciate your help.

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Thu, 25 Jul 1996 03:03:00 GMT
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