What could i possibly have? PLEASE HELP... 
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 What could i possibly have? PLEASE HELP...

During the last 5 years, I have been experiencing a complete health
degradation.  I have not been to work in 6 months.  I am not able
to attend school.  It is very serious.


Symptoms I have been experiencing over the past 5 years are:

- Electric shock sensation in wrists and in shins.
- Numbness on top of thumb (mainly left hand) and tingling/numbess
  on sides of some fingers.
- Muslce pain and weakness in elbows, wrist area, and calves.
- Tingling sensations, especially  in 'fat pad' area of forearms
  (area opposite elbow).
- Jerking/shakey motion when flexing fingers or feet.

Symptoms I have been experiencing over the past 2 years or more are:

- Generic cold/flu like symptoms: Headaches, soar throats, muscle aches,
  nausea, fatigue, and bad taste in the back of my mouth.  Also my entire
  face sometimes feels hot even though the rest of my body does not.
  The headaches are sometimes just in the forehead area, sometimes in
  the back of my head, sometimes directly behind the ears.  I also have
  pain right in my ears sometimes.
- White dots in my mouth, anywhere from the throat, roof of mouth, under
  the tongue, on the tongue, anywhere.  It is always very red around the
  area and feels quite painful.  If the white dot appears on my tongue,
  my entire tongue will seem to swell up, and form indentation on the sides
  of the tongue, which look like impressions from my teeth.  This is quite
  painful and can last up to a week.
- Burnt or raw feeling on the roof of my mouth.
- Tightness in chest and shortness of breath, without the weazing associated
  with asthma.
- Pain going from my throat all the way into my chest, like I can feel it
  all the way down the esophagus.


Dogs, cats, trees, grass, dustmites, weeds, ragweeds, and alternaria.
Note that none of my symptoms feel 'allergic' in origin,  I've had
allergy attacks, and while unpleasant, are unlike what I've been

I have no cooking.net">food allergies.


I am on no medications currently.


I have seen many, many doctors about this.  I have had extensive {*filter*}
work done, including tests for autoimmune diseases and HIV.
I have seen neurologists, rheumatologists, and several general
practitioners.  Apparently I have no carpal tunnel syndrome, no
pinch nerves, no fibromyalgia.

Every doctor I've seen has given up or the equivalent.  What I have
noticed seems to be common practice when an easy diagnosis is not found,
I have been prescribed antidepressants and referred to pyschiatrists by
more than one doctor.  I have tried this, but since depression was
never my problem, is wasn't exactly suprising that this did not improve
my condition.

I've been on an antibiotic (BIAXIN) for the last few months which did show
some improvement.  While on the antibiotic, I never had an incident
of a white dot, the swollen tongue, and much less headaches.  Although
I did by no means feel normal it was obvious it was at least helping
to some extent.  As soon as I got off the antibiotic, I would immediately
feel notably worse, get the white dots, tongue, and worsened asthma.

I feel that I have nothing left to explore.  Doctors have not been
exactly enthusiastic about helping me or referring me to anyone
who might be able to.  They refuse further testing.  A muscle/nerve
biopsy was refused.  An MRI on my left arm was refused.

I am desperately seeking suggestions.  Obviously, there is something
wrong, something reponsible for what it causing me so much misery,
it is only a matter of investigation until someone can indentify it.
I refuse to believe I have something so {*filter*} that it is impossible
to figure out.

If you have any ideas, PLEASE PLEASE e-mail me.

Really, if I was given half the chance, I believe I could do a lot
in this world.


Carl Mueller                                               cRaNeScUrEpJhArVeY
WSU Detroit, Michigan                                                      :P      

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Wed, 15 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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