ENT help - Meniere's Disease 
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 ENT help - Meniere's Disease

My wife was having severe dizzyness.  After the problem did not clear
within a week,  her doctor sent her to an ENT specialist.  He diagnosed
the problem as Menier's disease.  He didn't give much information on
the disease.  He prescribed Meclizine (25mg).  Despite the possible
side effects of drwsiness and dizzines, he told her to go back to
work (she can't take time off without a doctors note) even though
she works in a factory around machines. This did not serve to give
us much confidence in this doctor.  We would appreciate any
information we can get about the disease, treatment, and prognosis.
Thank you in advance.

Fri, 21 Mar 1997 06:14:17 GMT
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