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 RFD: sci.med.psychiatry

Okay, this is a straw poll.  Who wants sci.med.psychiatry and who would
rather have something else like sci.med.neuroscience?

Just vote yes or no for sci.med.psychiatry -- we can quibble about the
renaming if the no vote wins.  Feel free to post discussion to the net,
please don't fire it at me.  I'm going to be gone on vacation.  When I'm
back I'll tally it up, and either come up with another RFD, or preceed
with the CFV for sci.med.psychiatry based on the results...

address on this post.


  "When dogma enters the brain, all intellectual activity ceases."
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Sat, 03 Jun 1995 12:01:15 GMT
 RFD: sci.med.psychiatry

>Okay, this is a straw poll.  Who wants sci.med.psychiatry and who would
>rather have something else like sci.med.neuroscience?

There is a bionet.neuroscience newsgroup already - thus sci.med.psychiatry
would be better.


Sat, 03 Jun 1995 23:30:28 GMT
 RFD: sci.med.psychiatry
there is a bionet.neuroscience for neuro research, an alt.support for
support, a sci.psychology for cognitive and apparently pseudoclinical
psychology, cogneuro for cogneuro, and alt.psychoactives for
psychopharmacology.  why would we want sci.med.psychiatry?

i do think we need a group to discuss brain and mind with a clinical
slant.  i recommend sci.med.brain to encompass psychopharmacology etc.
in general without excluding the valuable contributions of clinical
neuro people.  (alt.psychoactives has too many alt.{*filter*} type posts
and doesn't cover discussions of brain imaging, etc.)
i'm open to comparing research career notes with other young cogsci people.

Fri, 09 Jun 1995 10:32:15 GMT
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