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 genetic Fingerprinting

>I keep hearing about 'genetic fingerprinting' being used to
>unequivocally identify rapists, sex-{*filter*}ers etc. Presumably, this
>refers to genetic material being matched with the suspect. My question
>is, can such genetic information be extracted from any cells, such
>as {*filter*}, skin etc or just {*filter*}? Do body fluids such as sweat or
>saliva contain any identifying features or is everyone's the same?
>Many thanks,

>Matthew Fletcher

        The process of 'genetic fingerprinting' uses the DNA from certain
regions of particular chromosomes of the subject. These portions show high
variability from individual to individual, but also show family traits - hence
their use in tracking true (!) dependants of immigrants to the UK. The DNA can
be extracted from any cells, although I believe that is is easier from some
than others.  Usually, a mouth swab is used forensically as I think cells from
the lining of the mouth are easy to dislodge, and saliva will contain some
cells anyway.
        As for other body fluids, clearly {*filter*} does contain cells ( {*filter*}) but
sweat wouldn't. I wouldn't expect everyone's sweat to be the same - similar,
but it might need a good analytical technique to see differences; and whether
those differences could nail an individual, I don't know. Clearly, sweat is
different from indvidual to individual, as we all smell different!

Any molecular biologists care to expand?


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Tue, 27 Apr 1993 21:29:38 GMT
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