*CANING* is NOT just a "Spanking"! 
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 *CANING* is NOT just a "Spanking"!

 > Although it seems very harsh and unjust by our standards, this
 > kid was judged by THEIR standards since his offence was in
 > their country. Any ohter person who would do the same thing
 > would be punished in the same way- he was not singled out.

 True enough. But just because it's THEIR standards doesn't make
 it right. I wonder is such punishment is a violation of human rights.

 > I have
 > to wonder if the punishment for "petty" crimes were harsher in
 > this country, if our crime rate would fall to their level.

 Perhaps, but our of humanity and compassion would also be oppressed,
 as is demonstrated by some reactions to this case. It's Facism plain
 and simple.

 > The one thing that people that visit Singapore do say is that
 > they feel SAFE walking in the night, do you?

 Maybe safe from muggers, but not from the police. I wouldn't feel safe
 on the street day or night in a place where you can be arrested for
 chewing gum (I don't chew gum). Mugger's can be arrested, but the police
 can't. People probably felt safe in Hilter's Germany too, unless you were

 To bring this disscussion back on topic...Does anyone have any hard facts
 about the medical results of such punishment?

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Tue, 03 Sep 1996 23:18:04 GMT
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