Help for child with possible Sclerosing Choloangitis 
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 Help for child with possible Sclerosing Choloangitis

My nephew is 11 years old and last year was diagnosed with Ulcerative
Colotis.  His doctors are strongly suggesting the possibility of
Scl;erosing Choloangitis because of a low elevated bial duct count.
(They've taken several test over the past 6 months with the count
averaging 180).  They want to take a liver biopsy.  His Mom (my
sister)  needs more information on what appears to be this very rare
disease before commiting her son to difficult procedures.

Does anyone know if there are any medical centers, clinics or
individuals who've had experience with diagnosing and treating
sclerosing cholangitis?

Are there any medications that are in any way effective?

What are the life expectancy statistics on children with this disease
or where can we find them.



Wed, 15 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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