Please Help Me with my Undereye dermal condition. 
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 Please Help Me with my Undereye dermal condition.

I am wondering, if any of you have encountered a condition where the
skin just below the eye, not part of either eyelid, but the skin above
the cheekbone is a blotchy red, (clustered red dots is the best way to
describe it.)

I have had exczema,  behind my knee, and inner elbow.  I am currently
living in Colorado where the air is very dry.  My doctor believe's it
is related to exczema and has perscribed a weak strength, topicort
chrotozone cream.  This cream does temporarily relieve the problem,
but it seems the more I use it  the more I have to use it to keep it

I thought if I drank alot of water that might help, so  I have been
doing that, and putting less cream on.  The problem has cleared up
slightly , but appears to be comming back.  

It seems there is a cycle to the problem, it goes away for about two
days, then the next morning it is back.  Then I must apply the cream
for a couple days.  It will stay under my eye for about 3-4 days then

Also, I have tried using different topicort creams, but the stronger
creams lighten the skin it is applied to, so I no longer use those
stronger creams.  

Does anybody have any suggestions or comments for me?


Tue, 09 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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