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There is a fairly new newsgroup available to discuss pulmonary
problems. If it is not available at your site ask your news
administrator to add the group (write to the address news or
usenet at your site or to the technical support people there
(address: support))

Here is the welcome message to the group:

Subject:      Welcome

Date:         1997/04/01

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Welcome to!  This unmoderated newsgroup was
started as a means of facilitating communication about pulmonary
hypertension, but because there were no existing newsgroups specifically
about pulmonary diseases, it was determined that we would begin with the
broader scope of "support.pulmonary".  In time, and if needed, we can
begin a more specialized group dedicated to pulmonary hypertension.

The true springboard for this newsgroup has been theweb homepage of
United Patients Association for Pulmonary Hypertension at
http://www.***.com/ ;This wonderful resource went
up in January of 1997, and as a result many formerly isolated people
were suddenly able to communicate with others coping with pulmonary
hypertension.  There is a message board at this site, but it was felt
that a newsgroup might have advantages over a message board for

Hope this is helpful for you!


Sun, 07 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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