toric soft contact lenses - a summary 
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 toric soft contact lenses - a summary

Thanks so much to all of you who responded to my posting about
toric soft contact lenses to correct astigmatism.  I received
an overwhelming number of responses to the article, so I though
I might summarize what I got so far:
 - Having to try different lenses because of vision (mostly) and fit problems
   seems to be the NORM, not the exception.  Some people never found
   a pair they liked and ended up going with gas perms or glasses;
   others liked their lenses, except for
   some difficulties in the lenses occasionally becoming disoriented
   on the eye and shortcomings in vision (not as good as vision
   with gas permeables).   A couple of you said you had been wearing
   torics for at least 5 years with no problems.
   Brands liked best were Hydrocurve and B&L extended wear (although
   cleaned daily) torics.
 - Some of you said poor quality control in making the lenses was
   much to blame.
 - Some mentioned that toric lenses wore out more quickly
   and weren't as comfortable as regular soft lenses.  They also
   tend to be more
 - Some tried the disposable soft lenses and found they corrected
   mild cases of astigmatism - much better than regular soft
   contact lenses (I have no idea why).  
 - One person mentioned their opthamologist said the torics were
   made in 10 degree arcs, so chances are they don't correct
   astigmatism exactly.
 - Most said stick with same doctor if he/she has good reputation
   and is willing to work with patient with different lenses
   with no additional charges.  (This is my case)

I finally settled on 1 hydrocurve (toric) lens and 1 regular soft lens
in my other eye that supposedly corrects for mild astigmatism,
as I could never find a comfortable toric for that eye.

Let me know if you need any other specifics about the mail I
Thanks again for all your responses.

Lisa Johnson

Fri, 19 Mar 1993 18:27:00 GMT
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