Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End. 
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 Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End.

End Of KEYPAD of My Mobile. I can't type.My mobile is getting old.

So I AM.

I see the end coming. I always imagined that it will happen someday. I
always thought I can do it.

I always thought I can do it...

That when the end will come, when
biggest earthquake strikes, I will stand silent. And I will feel the
infinite silence, peace...

I always thought I can do it...

I am suffering from common cold AGAIN, you morons.I am not dying. Bad

Common cold is not viral infection. It is that damn excess salt in our
body. Epithelia cells in airway exchange Ca2+ ions for Na+ ions
triggering eflux of Chloride ions in nose. Hydrogen in water vopours
in air reacting voilently with chloride ions, sneezing. So if you
catch common cold,stop eating salt and sodium for few days.Take
blanket and let that sweat(salt) flow out of your body.

And be aware of ALLETHRIN, PYRETHROID et al.

Common cold of mankind is getting old. It had a beginning.

And Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End.

Sun, 03 Jan 2010 04:24:17 GMT
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