Varicose Veins 
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 Varicose Veins

 B> My wife was
 B> recently commenting that she was beginning to get them in her
 B> legs, while I, being older, have none.

     Women do indeed tend to get them much more commonly than men
(I wonder if it all starts during pregnancy?), and they are of
course more common with advancing age since it is a sort of
degenerative process.  Basically, veins return {*filter*} to the heart
because they have one-way valves in them.  Every time your calf
muscles contract, they squeeze the {*filter*} uphill toward the heart;
when they relax, they {*filter*} doesn't rush back down because of
those one-way valves:

      |  |           If the vein is stretched (by the chronic force
      |  |           of gravity, by the "water-hammer" effect of
      |/\|           every footfall when walking, by obstruction of
      |  |           the pelvic viens, etc), the valves finally
      |  |           become incontinent, and the viens are then
      |  |           subject to the full force of a 4-foot column
                     of water ({*filter*}) which dilates them even
      | v |          further.  These dilated veins are "varicose."
      | v |  the        You can help prevent worsening by
      | v |  v's        1) wearing some sort of tightly-supportive
      |/v\|  show          stockings (Hanes hose is pretty good).
      | v |  the        2) keeping your feet up when possible.
     |  v  | direction  3) putting a *good* shock-absorbing shoe
     | v v | of flow.      insert in your working/walking shoes
                           such as Spenco or Sorbethane.

     These can be miserable.  I'm only 29 y/o, but I already wear
tall, supportive socks at work (doctors stand and walk all day
long) and have gel-filled shock-absorbers in my shoes.  BTW, this
also helps take some of the wear-and-tear off of your ankles and
knees, which would otherwise be the joints which absorb the shock
of footfall.

     Phil Thwing, MD

... Gold's Law: If the shoe fits, it's ugly  ...

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Mon, 15 Nov 1993 11:19:52 GMT
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