"Every Child and Senior to Take West Nile Vaccine" by Robert Lederman 
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 "Every Child and Senior to Take West Nile Vaccine" by Robert Lederman

"Every Child and Senior to Take West Nile Vaccine"

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"Every Child and Senior to Take West Nile Vaccine"
by Robert Lederman

"Federal health officials say they will recommend that anyone in
the high-risk group - children and the elderly - take the
vaccine." Biotech Company Takes Shot at Vaccine-Daily News
8/21/2000 entire article at

While most people reacted to the news about West Nile Virus
appearing in NYC with either horror or yawning indifference one
man was exhilarated. That man is Dr. Thomas Monath, the VP of
Oravax. "Wow!", Dr. Monath was quoted as saying in Newsday
9/25/99, "This is the biggest arbovirus story of the last 50 years."

Dr. Monath had good reason to be e{*filter*}d. His failing company
held an exclusive license from the U.S. Army bio-warfare lab at
Ft. Deitrick Md. to manufacture a vaccine for Japanese
Encephalitis, a type of arbovirus that includes West Nile, Kunjin
and St. Louis Encephalitis. The U.S. Army had
genetically-engineered its own version of the virus, patented it in
the Federal Register on 4/22/96 and exclusively licensed it to

How did the Army choose this obscure company-which to date
has not succeeded in bringing a single product to market-to
award its contract to? Monath just happens to have previously
been the top researcher at the same Ft. Dietrick U.S. Army lab.
His connection to this issue goes far beyond that however.

Mayor Giuliani keeps referring to the CDC (Center for Disease
Control) as the source of the order to massively spray NYC with
toxic pesticides. Monath was previously the leading CDC
researcher on arboviruses and, according to Newsday, has been
closely advising the CDC and the Giuliani administration since
the first day of the so-called NYC epidemic.

And it's not just Mayor Giuliani that Monath is advising. In
August of 1998-approximately a year before the NYC
outbreak-Dr. Monath met with President Clinton and attempted
to sell him on the idea of stockpiling billions of dollars worth of
Oravax vaccines. With Monath were some heavy
hitters-including Attorney General Janet Reno, the head of the
CIA, Jerry Hauer-Giuliani's Office of Emergency Management
Commissioner-and Dr. Joshua Lederberg-the former president of
Rockefeller University in NYC (which has been experimenting
with WNV for decades). [For a detailed account of the meeting

Dr. Lederberg of Rockefeller University is another key name on
the West Nile and biowarfare front. He headed a 1994 Pentagon
study on Gulf War illness which falsely concluded that no
American service personnel in the Gulf had been exposed to
biological warfare material. Dr. Lederberg headed that study
while he was the Director of the American Type Culture
Collection (ATCC)-an organization which now admits it made
70 direct shipments to Iraq of biological warfare samples,
including anthrax, botulinum toxin and West Nile Virus [See
Newsday 11/27/96]. It later turned out that the Army itself had
blown up thousands of canisters of Iraqi biowarfare toxins that
had been generously supplied by President Bush and the ATCC
but Lederberg's panel neglected to reveal that information.

Rockefeller University is not the only government-associated lab
in the NYC area that had been playing around with WNV before
the 1999 outbreak. When the Mayor, the CDC and the media
insist on referring to it as the, "mysterious, never before seen in
North America, deadly WNV", they are knowingly disinforming
the public. Just three miles off the tip of Long Island, NY the
Federal government operates the Plum Island {*filter*} Animal
Disease/bio-warfare lab, which since the end of WWII has been a
repository and experimental facility for the most dangerous
bio-warfare toxins on earth.

WNV was originally identified in NYC by a Bronx Zoo
pathologist, Dr. Tracy McNamarra-who testified before the NY
City Council in 1999 that her training was at the Plum Island lab.
Plum Island has been cited by the NY State Attorney General for
dumping dead animal carcasses and releasing various live
experimental lab subjects. NYC area labs like Plum Island not
only inject crows-the birds that the Mayor keeps announcing
have been "discovered" before each spraying-with WNV, but
many of these labs have been breeding WNV and
malaria-infected mosquitoes as well, genetically-altering them
and preparing to release them into the environment [See

The U.S. government admitted-during the aptly named
Rockefeller Hearings before the U.S. Congress in 1994-to more
than 50 years of biowarfare experiments carried out on hundreds
of thousands of unsuspecting American citizens. [See: 1994
Report by the U.S. Congress titled Examining Biological
Experimentation on U.S. Military
http://www.***.com/ ~trufax/trans/roc1.html] [See
html for Title 50 Chapter 32 the recently revised U.S. laws
governing tests on civilians]

These are only the experiments they've admitted to. During their
testimony government officials admitted that many more
experiments remained classified and could not be discussed.

Thousands of researchers, doctors and public health officials
around the world believe that the U.S. Armed Forces, the CDC,
the CIA and other governmental agencies and private foundations
are responsible for inventing and spreading numerous diseases in
the U.S. and in the Third World, including AIDs, Ebola and
Lyme Disease. The purpose behind spreading these diseases-a
number of which appear to have been spread through
vaccines-can only be explained by one thing-a Eugenics
depopulation agenda. This just happens to be exactly the plan
that various corporate, U.N. and governmental institutions have
been advocating for the past 90 years. The Rockefeller family
and its various front groups and foundations has been the world's
number one promoters of Eugenics and population control.

[See http://www.***.com/
http://www.***.com/ ;  for a small sample of the literature on
this topic by a diverse group of authors. While it might seem
comforting to dismiss these ideas as paranoia, in the context of
the Rockefeller hearings there can be no doubt whatsoever that
such programs exist and are increasingly being implemented at
the highest levels of government.

If one looks at the documented history of West Nile Virus
outbreaks it is often geographically associated with bio-warfare
labs and experiments. There are five locations where West Nile
Virus is routinely described in the existing literature. Uganda,
Romania, Israel, Iraq and now, NYC.

The virus is said to have originally appeared in Uganda in 1937.
Africa just happens to be exactly where the German scientists
who invented both chemical and biological warfare began their
experimental efforts to exterminate the members of ethnic and
racial groups they considered to be threats to Aryan supremacy.
While Uganda was a British colony at the time, it had first been
colonized by Germany. Even before the rise of Hitler the German
government had been practicing genocide in Africa [See
http://www.***.com/ ]. It may
not be a coincidence that Great Britain is also the birthplace of
the worldwide Eugenics movement.

Israel, Iraq, Romania and NYC all have biological warfare
programs and/or labs.

The genetically-altered viruses that Ft. Dietrick and other labs
are creating contain more than the original genes found in these
viruses. German scientists have reported that genes inserted in
genetically-engineered foods can become incorporated into the
DNA of insects that eat those foods. What this means is that
these genes could theoretically be passed on to succeeding
generations. Like just about everything else associated with the
West Nile issue, genetically-engineered foods, bio-warfare and
the Human Genome Project have a common origin-the Eugenics
science of Nazi Germany.
[See http://www.***.com/
Human Genome Project and Eugenics]

Downsizing America
Which brings us back to the Oravax vaccine. Here is the scenario
that I believe best matches what is happening in NYC and
appears to be spreading across the entire U.S. Our government
has made it clear that social security, welfare, health insurance
and a host of other social programs are a massive economic drain.
For both political and social  reasons, abruptly eliminating all of
these programs is untenable. The solution? A major decrease in

The depopulation agenda is being undertaken in numerous ways
applied differently in each country. Despite a wealth of scientific
evidence that pesticides, polluted water and air, contaminated
food, prescription {*filter*} and other correctable sources of human
illness are causing Americans to become the least healthy people
on earth at the same time we are the wealthiest-the government
does almost nothing to address these problems. We have higher
rates of infant mortality, infertility, cancer, contaminated food,
diabetes, drug {*filter*}ion, crime, learning disabilities and chronic
illnesses than any developed nation. Many of these problems are
actually far less prevalent in undeveloped Third World countries.

The same corporate interests that are knowingly causing these
problems doubly profit by creating technologies, therapies,
charities, social programs and {*filter*} to treat them. They then reap
a public relations bonanza by claiming to be heroically solving
mankind's problems [Watch the commercials of companies like
Exxon, GE, Archer Daniels Midland, Philip Morris and Chase
Bank for some prime examples of this].

Can the corporate-sponsored and controlled government that put
men on the moon really do nothing to fix these problems? Of
course they can-the problem is-they don't want to. While laws
that restrict individual freedom increase each day, laws that
restrict corporate freedom-including the freedom to pollute,
poison and damage humans and the environment-become less
restrictive each day.

What the government elite have in mind is a little something to
cut down on "excess population" or as Hitler put it-useless
eaters. Like any good corporate executive downsizing as many
employees as possible makes good business sense. A vaccine is
the ideal instrument of such a program because the elite need
only to avoid taking the vaccine.

There's only one problem. Too many people are already opposed
to taking any vaccines let alone new experimental ones. What's
needed is something that on Madison Avenue is called creating a
demand for your product-in this instance scaring everyone into
wanting to take a West Nile Virus vaccine.

We are being covered in toxic pesticides by elected officials who
can hardly be so stupid that they did not anticipate a growing
resistance movement and lawsuits in response. I believe the gross
misuse of pesticides in NYC in relation to this fake epidemic has
a number of purposes. These chemicals cause chronic disease in
humans, increase the incidence of infected mosquitoes [see
http://www.***.com/ ], decrease human
fertility and make people long for a less-toxic solution-the
Oravax vaccine.

It's a perfect plan-create a phony epidemic, make people as afraid
of the solution-mass spraying of toxic chemicals-as they are of
the disease, and then come up with an {*filter*}vaccine. It's cheap,
easy to distribute and by next Summer's media-driven edition of
the West Nile panic-everyone will line up to get their dose. The
government-through the National Institute of Health-is already
recommending that every senior citizen and child in America take
the vaccine. How's that for an endor{*filter*}t of a vaccine that's not
even supposed to exist yet?

Think about it statistically, the way Giuliani always does. If you
did nothing more than cause senior citizens to die five years
sooner the government-and HMO's-would save hundreds of
billions of dollars in Medicare, social security, medical coverage
payouts and cooking.net">food stamps. If you could cause the next generation
of impoverished Americans to have a significant reduction in
fertility you'd save more government money than by cutting every
welfare, school lunch and after school remedial program.

While Mayor Giuliani may be nothing more than a puppet
following orders, it's worth noting where those orders are coming
from. The CDC's efforts on infectious diseases are overseen by
the CIA. Giuliani admits he gets all of his "ideas" from the
Manhattan Institute, a right wing think tank started by William
Casey, Reagan's CIA director. GW Bush proudly admits that
next to the bible, the Manhattan Institute is his greatest
inspiration. Bush's father was himself a former CIA director
whose family were among Hitler's biggest supporters. The
Manhattan Institute is funded by Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan
Bank-which publicly admits it helped Hitler loot the vaults of
occupied Europe. President's Roosevelt and Truman considered
Rockefeller a traitor who was aiding Hitler throughout WWII.
Rockefeller is the world's #1 sponsor of Eugenics research.
Years before starting the Manhattan Institute William Casey was
a key figure in Operation Paper Clip, the CIA program that
brought thousands of top level Nazi scientists and intelligence
experts to the U.S. These were the exact same men who thought
up and executed the Holocaust and who planned to depopulate
much of the world. While they may have died years ago, their
ideas are very much alive and well in NYC, Washington D.C.
and in think tanks, labs and universities across America. [See
http://www.***.com/ , Jesus and the
Manhattan Institute for details].

If this population reduction scenario sounds inhumane (if not
insane), exactly what did you think they meant by,
compassionate conservatism, a motto coined by the Manhattan

The Oravax contract with the US Army
Dr. Monath background info
Press release about Clinton, Monath, Hauer, Lederberg  meeting
General West Nile info sites
http://www.***.com/ #TOC
NYC Dept of Health West Nile Page
Encephalitis site-causes other than mosquitoes
Vaccine info websites   http://www.***.com/

Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
(Artists' Response To Illegal State Tactics)

or http://www.***.com/
for a detailed exposition on the West Nile issue
For an article on the Manhattan Institute go to

If you would like to help oppose the spraying, please write to the
No Spray Coalition, PO Box 334, Peck Slip Station, NYC
10272-0334, or call the No Spray hotline at (718) 670-7110.

Jane Sheppard
Future Generations
Publisher of Healthy Child Newsletter
Vital, In-depth Information on Children's Health Issues


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