Rosacea and calendula ointment update 
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 Rosacea and calendula ointment update

Awhile back I wrote a posting re: trying calendula ointment for rosacea
that was not clearing up by the usual means.  My posting was based on
the success a friend had had with this ointment after having used all
types of prescription medications that did not work.  

I'm now posting more info about the ointment he used because I've just
heard from someone who picked up a jar of calendula at the health">food
store, and its ingredients (calendula flowers, olive oil & beeswax) are
different from those on the label of the stuff my friend found helpful.

Here is the labeling one should look for:

Homeopathic Calendula Ointment.  
Ingredients listed: Calendula officinalis HPUS 1X 4% Petrolatum USP.
No Artificial colors or perfumes.  
There may be other companies that make it, but here is what is on the
label of the tube my friend used:  Boiron/Borneman, Inc. 1208 Amosland
Rd. Norwood, PA  19074

This ointment was suggested to my friend by a neigbor who is a chemist.
Hope someone else will find this as helpful as did my friend--his
rosacea cleared up and has not returned.  

Find a homeopathic pharmacy by asking at your local health">food store
if they do not carry this ointment.

The usual disclaimers apply--just a suggestion from a layman.

Wed, 15 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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