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The Wire

Today someone sent in some links to excellent articles on Smallpox and
the recent vaccination craze sponsored and at the point of being
enforced by the government.  Some experts in the field are concerned
that this could be hazardous to the health of Americans.  Following
are some links of interest. These links are found on The Wire section
of the site.

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Smallpox Myths, Revisited    
The occupational Federal Government is pushing for mass, forced
vaccinations inspite of numerous warnings that such a course is
dangerous and completely ineffective.
http://www.***.com/ [30.12.2002
18:45 - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny []]

Why Vaccines Don't Work as Advertised    
Death rates for traditional diseases actually declined in spite of the
introduction of vaccines.
http://www.***.com/ [30.12.2002 18:51 -]

Man Imprisoned for Killing Child    
Man Imprisoned for Killing Child, Experts Say Death was Result of
http://www.***.com/ [30.12.2002 18:54 - Dr.
Joseph Mercola, with Rachael Droege]

Congressman Challenges Government on Link Between Autism and Vaccines
Congressman Dan Burton, whose grandson became autistic shortly after
receiving his federally recommended and state-mandated vaccines,
challenges President Bush to address the potential link between autism
and vaccines.
http://www.***.com/ [30.12.2002 18:57 -]

The Truth About Smallpox
The truth they don't want you to know: The death rate from smallpox is
very low, and what really caused the elimination of the disease, by a
leading expert in the field.
http://www.***.com/ [30.12.2002 19:02 - Dr.
Tom Mack, University of Southern California]

CDC Has Plans To Force Mandatory Smallpox Vaccine On The US    
The general public does not know the dangers of smallpox vaccine and
has been conditioned to think that it is "just another vaccine."
[30.12.2002 19:25 - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny []]

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