Info on "hippotherapy" (Was: Horse Therapy) 
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 Info on "hippotherapy" (Was: Horse Therapy)

I agree with you Danny. I had a not so good experience with hippotherapy.
Understand I am NOT an animal lover... I was required to attend a session up in
Palo Alto and it was pure hell for me! First I had to step in tons of horse
fecal wastes (people pay for this?!?!?) and walk along side a huge, dumb
animal. "oh he's perfectly safe, just don't stand behind him" (you can bet I
didn't.. Thats the business end anyways <phew!> I had to "fetch" a ball dropped
by the patient and when I attempted to throw it back to the leader, the damn
horse reared up! What did I know for horses? The long and short of it was I was
accused of trying to "spook" the damn beast and almost lost my internship
entirely! Les Miserable, to be sure... Hey, I gotta great idea... I'm gonna
have the goverment buy me three full dress Harley-Davidsons. I'll advertise in
the Palo Alto rag that I can provide therapy and I'll make a million! I gotta
name to! I'll call it "hog" therapy! What do ya think?!?!
Seriously tho.. If it doesn't transfer over to the functional aspect, why are
we doing it? Will the government pay for that?
Tongue in cheek,

Sat, 11 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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