Botulinum Toxin, type A 
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 Botulinum Toxin, type A

I am looking for statistics on the prevalence of disorders that are
treatable with Botulinum Type A.  These disorders include: {*filter*}
dyskinesia, meige syndrome, hemi{*filter*} spasm, apraxia of eyelid openeing,
aberrant regeneration of the {*filter*} nerve, {*filter*} paralysis, strabismus,
spasmodic torticollis, muscle spasm, occupational dystonia (i.e. writers
cramp, etc.), spasmodic dysphonia, and temp{*filter*}mandibular joint disease.

I realize many of the disorders I listed (such as "muscle spasm" !!) are
vaguely defined and may encompass a wide range of particular disorders.  My
apologies; the list was provided to me as is.  I have some numbers, but not

Any ideas on sources or, even bbetter, any actual figures (with source

Many thanks,

- Meg

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Mon, 16 Oct 1995 05:15:40 GMT
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