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 Info. on ankle injury

I originally sprained my ankle ankle near the beginning of this year.  At
the time, the doctor treated me with a posterior splint and crutches.  I
was supposed to stay on the crutches for a week, with a two and a half weeks
total in the splint.  However, as I was returning to college at the time,
I decided to go off the crutches in three days and wear a "Aircast" brace

The ankle did not stop hurting until about six weeks later.  It was fine
from that time (late Feb.) until last week.  Then, after what seemed a
relatively minor event (bad landing after a spinning-back kick), it is
now screwed up again.

My right ankle is now mildly swollen, although without (from what I can see)
discoloration.  It is especially painful when I walk or stand for a long
time. The pain seems to center around the outside part of the foot/ankle,
also, some discomfort is present on the inside part of the ankle as well
as the back.  

I am putting off going back to the doctor for reasons too complicated to
list; and also because I'm holding out hope that it'll heal itself
before the end of the semester (in three more weeks) (it's now back in
the Aircast).  But as this pain feels different from that of
the original injury, I'm slightly troubled.

Please respond as to possible remedies/what is the nature of the injury.
And should I go to the doctor NOW?

Thanks, Allen  

Wed, 15 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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