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Dear MDoug,
   I'm sorry, but this seems to be a fairly straightforward case.  I
would suggest that you do some reading on your own.

:)  :)  :)

>I'm in graduate school to be a FNP.
>Have a case study.  Need other ideas for answers!
>Case study involves the following:
>HPI :   SH 67 yo female nocturia 3 to 7 x a nite, increased hunger, increased
>thirst x 2 wks.
>Denies signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia.
>PMH: type II dm, increased cholesterol, hx of colonic polyps, chronic gouty
>arthritis, COPD, HTN .
>SH: +tobacco use
>Meds: glyburide 10 mg po BID, furosemide 80mg QD, prazosin, 1 mg po BID,
>albuterol MDI 2 puffs QID, Theo-Dur 200mg po BID, ipratr{*filter*} bromide MDI 2
>puffs QID, triamcinolone MDI 8 puffs BID, indomethacin SR 75 mg po QD prn.
>ROS: No SOB or wheezing
>labs: Na 137, K 3.8; CL 95; CO2 26; BUN 22; creatinine 1.1; glucose 303; FBS
>381; HbA1c 13%  
>total cholesterol 310; triglycerides 210.

>1.  What indicates that this patient has poor glucose control?
>2.          What are the goals for glucose control in this patient?  Why is glucose
>control important in type II diabetes?
>3.  What non-pharmacologic interventions should be considered for this
>patient?  What pharmacologic interventions?
>4.  What pharmacotherapeutic plan would you recommend for this patient?
>5.  What parameters will you monitor to assess the efficacy and adverse
>effects of the regimen?
>6.  What information should be given to the patient about diabetes mellitus
>and her treatment?
>7.  Considering her medical history, what other pharmacological
>interventions should be considered for this patient?

"Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt."
     - Malachi Constant

Wed, 10 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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