Ibogaine bibliography (corrected) update 
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 Ibogaine bibliography (corrected) update

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1. Aceto MD, Bowman E, Harris LS, Dependence studies of new compounds in
the rhesus    monkey, rat  and mouse, NIDA Research Monograph, 95:607,
2. Aceto MD, Bowman E, Harris LS, Dependence studies of new compounds in
the rhesus    monkey, rat  and mouse, NIDA Research Monograph,
119:519-520, 1992.
3. Broderick PA, Phelan FT, Berger SP, Ibogaine alters {*filter*} induced
biogenic amine and    psychostimulant dysfunction but not [3H] GBR-12935
binding to the dopamine    transporter protein, NIDA Research Monograph,
119:285, 1992.
4. Broderick PA, Phelan FT, Eng F, Wechsler RT, Ibogaine Modulates {*filter*}
Responses    Which Are Altered Due to Environmental Habituation:  In Vivo
Microvoltammetric    and Behavi{*filter*}Studies, Pharmacology Biochemistry and
Behavior, 49(3):711-728,   1994.
5. Cappendijk SLT, Dzoljic MR, Inhibitory effects of ibogaine on {*filter*}
self-administration    in rats, European Journal of Pharmacology,
241:261-265, 1993.
6. Cappendijk, SLT, Fekkes D, Dzoljic MR, The inhibitory effects of
norharman on     morphine withdrawal syndrome in rats:  comparison with
ibogaine,  Behavi{*filter*}   Brain Research, 65:117-119, 1994.
7. Deecher DC, Teitler M, Soderland DM, Bornmann WG, Kuehne MR, Glick SD,
   Mechanisms of action of ibogaine and harmaline congeners based on    
radioligand binding studies, Brain Research, 571:242-247, 1992.
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Paradoxical    Sleep in Rats, Neuropsychobiology, 18:160-168, 1987.
9. Dhahir HI, A Comparative Study of  the Toxicity of Ibogaine and
Serotonin     (Doct{*filter*}Dissertation, Indiana University) University
Microfilms      International, 71-25-341, 1971.
10. Dzoljic ED, Kaplan CD, Dzoljic MR, Effects of Ibogaine on
Naloxone-Precipitated     Withdrawal Syndrome in Chronic
Morphine-Dependent Rats, Archive of     International Pharmacodynamics,
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11. Fernandez JW, Bwiti: An Ethnography of the Religious Imagination In
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Ibogaine in Biological    Samples by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry,
Biochemical Pharmacology,   49(1):73-79, 1995.
13. Glick SD, Rossman K, Steindorf S, Maisonneuve IM, Carlson JN, Effects
and     aftereffects of ibogaine on morphine self-administration in rats,
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Ibogaine on    Acute Signs of Morphine Withdrawal in Rats:  Independence
from Tremor,     Neuropharmacology, 31(5):497-500, 1992.
15. Glick SD, Gallagher CA, Hough LB, Rossman KL, Maisonneuve IM,
Differential     effects of ibogaine pretreatment on brain levels of
morphine and (+) -     amphetamine, Brain Research, 588:173-176, 1992.
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Carlson JN,    Effects of iboga alkaloids on morphine and {*filter*}
self-administration in rats:     relationship to tremorgenic effects and
to effects on dopamine release in nucleus    accumbens and striatum, Brain
Research, 657:14-22, 1994.
17. Glick SD, Pearl SM, Cai J and Maisonneuve IM, Ibogaine-like Effects of
Noribogaine in    Rats, Brain Research, 713:294-297, 1996.

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Applications of    Iboga and Ibogaine, Psychedelic Monographs and Essays,
vol. 6, 1993.
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PSYCHOTHERAPEAUTIQUES, Psychotropes, 3(3):63-86, 1993.
19. Harsing LG, Sershen H, Lajtha A, Evidence that ibogaine releases
dopamine from the    cytoplasmic pool in isolated mouse striatum, Journal
of Neural Transmission,    96:215-225, 1994.
20. Hough LB, Pearl SM and Glick SD, Tissue Distribution of Ibogaine After
Intraperitoneal    and Subcutaneouss3.jpg (1/1)                     6

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