Glaucoma and Marijuana 
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 Glaucoma and Marijuana

Several years ago, I recall hearing of a case where a man sued the government to
be allowed to smoke {*filter*}.  He was seeing halos around lights, he was
diagnosed with glaucoma, and he claimed that the halos went away when he
smoked dope.

The last I heard, he was being supplied with government-grown {*filter*}.
I'm wondering whether this is still the case, and whether {*filter*} or THC
has been studied for use against glaucoma.

Wed, 19 May 1993 20:56:00 GMT
 Glaucoma and Marijuana

They just had a story on USA Tonight last night that a man in Texas (didn't say
where) was given court permission to use {*filter*} for medical reasons. He
has AIDS. The story also said that {*filter*} is currently being used legally
by glaucoma and cancer patients.

Wed, 19 May 1993 16:06:00 GMT
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