Wanted: biochem/MD speaker at San Diego State University 
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 Wanted: biochem/MD speaker at San Diego State University

WANTED: Biochemist/MD to address 50 highly-motivated minority high-school
students on the subject of the various biological reactions of the human
body to street-{*filter*} and "designer-{*filter*}".  Location: San Diego State
University under the auspices of a Federal Upward Bound program.  
        Tentative date for a one-hour talk followed by perhaps an hour of
question and answers is Tuesday evening, June 30, at 6PM -- or Thursday, July 2,at the same time.  Some flexibility in the schedule, so call if you're
interested. You will be speaking to a select gathering of exceptionally bright
but disadvantaged youth. These are not your average high-school brats.  
        Small honorarium available if requested.  These students are very
interested in this topic, and the lecture will run concurrently with day-time
classes in math, science, & biochemistry.  This is your chance to inform and
inspire exceptional minority kids capable of scientific careers.
        For more information contact:
        Halimah Butte,
        SDSU Upward Bound Program
        (619) 594-2349

Thanks in advance.
Raymond Rashid Butte               Locus Computing Corporation

Tue, 29 Nov 1994 04:27:57 GMT
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