Question: Posting w/o Usenet newsfeed? 
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 Question: Posting w/o Usenet newsfeed?

Someone in the MEDLIB-L listserve said that access to the newsgroup
was not possible to those lacking a Usenet newsfeed.  I would like to know if
this is true -- that one cannot post to this group nor read this group if one
lacks a Usenet newsfeed?

My thinking is that a means to access this group could be found by anyone
with telnet capability.  There are a number of Free-net and other systems to
which anyone with telnet capability can login and become a member of such,
and then, having acquired Usenet priviledges, can thus take part in this
group.  It is possible the casual netter would not think of this option and
I am wondering if there are means of interactive access which I haven't

Thu, 20 Jun 1996 11:27:51 GMT
 Question: Posting w/o Usenet newsfeed?


>Someone in the MEDLIB-L listserve said that access to the
>newsgroup was not possible to those lacking a Usenet newsfeed.  I
>would like to know if this is true...

It isn't.  You can post to any Usenet group via email using one of
several gateways, for example  You just email your post
to the newsgroup name at this address, substituting '-' for '.' between

The easiest way to read newsgroups if you don't get a feed is via
gopher.  Louisiana Tech and University of Michigan both have access to
Usenet through their gophers.

David Nye, MD * Neurology Dept., Midelfort Clinic, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
For all but the elite, work holds less promise, less purpose, less
security and less dignity than a generation ago -- Peter T. Kilborn

Thu, 20 Jun 1996 14:36:32 GMT
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