medical management of drug addiction 
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 medical management of drug addiction

I edit a magazine, Physician's Practice Digest, with a department in
which a question is posed to various people and their responses are
printed verbatim. I'd be interested in hearing from physicians about the
following topic:

A grand jury in Baltimore recently issued a report calling for the
decriminalization of {*filter*}. There seems to be a growing consensus that
drug abuse and {*filter*}ion should be approached as a medical issue rather
than a criminal matter. In any event, it doesn't seem that the war on
{*filter*} is winnable.

What is the proper role of the primary care physician in the management
of drug {*filter*}ion? Are they equipped to handle it? Is decriminalization a
good idea?

include your full name and title. Don't post answers here in the group.


Mon, 27 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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