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Face to face with a painful reality

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Lukhnow - Is India a 'nation in pain'? Well, medical
experts say "Yes".

Not because of daily bomb blasts and terrorist
activities, floods, droughts, poverty and famine or, for
that matter, due to a society torn by caste and communal
configurations, but it is an actual "physical pain" due
to arthritis and rheumatism, which is making people cry.

It's high time government and research organisations
focus on arthritis and rheumatism as public health
problems, they say.

Figures can only paint a brief picture of this 'painful
reality' faced by the country, but overlooked till date.

Medical research studies conducted so far show that 15
crore of India's population, that is one out of every
seven persons, suffers from actual rheumatic pain at any
given moment.

A study conducted in Lukhnow shows that while eight per
cent population in rural areas around the city is
afflicted by 'pain', a whopping 20 per cent of urban
population suffers from physical pain due to various

According to recent study conducted by the Centre for
Disease Control (CDC) 33 per cent population in the US,
that is one in every three persons in the US, was
afflicted by painful rheumatic diseases, which was up by
17 per cent in 1997.

Medical experts attribute this "steady and alarming rise
of pain in people" as directly proportional to rapid
industrialisation, more competitiveness and aging.

Ironically, there are only around 100 trained
rheumatologists in the country, with only around five in
UP, whereas in the US there are 4-5 rheumatologists in
every big hospital.

In India there are only two centres, one in Chennai and
another in Hyderabad, which produce trained doctors in

Significantly, the dimensions of these "physical pains"
are no less and it is the commonest cause of disability,
which is resulting in huge work and financial losses
worth billions of rupees every year.

Now the Department of Medicine, Chhatrapati Shahuji
Maharaj Medical University (CSMMU), is all set to launch
a survey study on 'painful conditions' in rural and urban
areas of Lukhnow, in association with the Indian Council
for Medical search (ICMR).

While releasing these 'painful' data at a Continuing
Medical Education seminar on 'Nation In Pain' at CSMMU,
organised by the Department of Medicine and UP Chapter of
the Association of Physicians of India, Prof Siddharth
Das said "people should not ignore even a slight pain in
any part of their body."

Contrary to general perception, with proper treatment it
was possible to provide 80 per cent relief to 80 per cent
patients, provided people consulted doctors at early
stage, he added.

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Tue, 07 Mar 2006 05:06:56 GMT

> Face to face with a painful reality

> Ironically, there are only around 100 trained
> rheumatologists in the country, with only around five in
> UP, whereas in the US there are 4-5 rheumatologists in
> every big hospital.

What is ironic is that in the US, 3-4 out of the 4-5 rheumies are from
India, practicing in the US.  :) Thomas

Tue, 07 Mar 2006 21:51:48 GMT
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