Cosmetic Enhancement from Non-Cosmetic Surgery 
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 Cosmetic Enhancement from Non-Cosmetic Surgery

I'm working on an academic paper on something like what happens when you
go in for surgery that has an unexpected side-effect of improving your looks.

Specifically, I had back surgery a few months ago to correct scoliosis
that I've suffered with for 30+ years.  Not only am I pain free for the
first time I can remember, I'm taller, straighter, thinner.  I've noticed
a vast improvement in self-image.  I know I look better largely because
I'm not bent over in pain anymore, but I've gotten many complements from
others who notice a change in me as well.  What an unexpected side-effect
from the surgery!

My doctor never told me beforehand that this would happen.  When I asked
him he told me that people always look better after this kind of surgery,
but that doctors never tell their patients because they don't want them
embarking on risky operations just for the cosmetic benefit.

I'm looking for others who have had an experience similar to mine.  I'd
like to hear from people who had undergone surgery for a medical
condition and discover that they  look better after the operation.  
Cosmetic plastic surgery doesn't count because the whole goal of that is
to improve one's  looks.

Please send email to the address below.  If I can use your experience
I'll get in touch.

Thanks so much.  


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Mon, 07 Jul 1997 03:12:43 GMT
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