Hives info needed 
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 Hives info needed

My wife has been diagnosed as having hives.  We've seen two of the top
allergists in Washington, DC and has been through the battery of test -
to no avail.  Outbreaks are worst in early spring and late summer but the
red welts and blotches are never completely gone.  When things are really
bad she has received a shot of cortizone.  Normally she take hydroxyzine
(10mg) 2-3 times daily and claritin 1 daily.  The hydroxyzine makes her
drowsy and uncomfortable.  During severe outbreaks Benadryl provides some
relief as do long cold baths.

We suspect (but have no way of knowing or confirming or testing) that the
cause may be related to pollens or molds associated with seasonality.  

We are looking for sources of information.  Can anyone help or suggest a
source to which we can turn?

Appreciate any suggestions.

Brian Larkin

Mon, 13 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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