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                                 CAU$E$ OF WAR$

               Most ALL war$ are ARTIFICIALLY CONTRIVED by 3RD PARTIES
          (usually agents of the international banker$, THE MONEY
          CHANGER$), for HIDDEN PURPOSES.  [This is ALSO true about
          economic DEPRESSIONS, government DEBT, etc..]

               In 1980, the CIA paid Saddam Hussein $8 BILLION in GOLD
          as a BRIBE to attack Iran, [10-16-80 "WISCONSIN REPORT" (WR),
          P.O. Box 45, Brookfield, WI  53005.  Back-issues might still
          be available.  And "The Dr. Beter Audio-Letter" (AL) #58.].  
          (It was part of the gold which had been taken out of Fort
          Knox several years before, IN U.S. ARMY TRUCKS, under cover
          of the "London Gold Pool Agreement".  The transfer was made
          in a secret underground warehouse in Zurich.).  BIG OIL
          wanted to get back control of the Iranian oil fields.  Iraq's
          economic problems resulting from that war were a primary
          inducement for invading Kuwait.  Or was Saddam Hussein bribed

               Consider who benefited, or could benefit, from the
          recent Iraq war: BIG OIL, the Pentagon, the military
          industry, the ZIONIST State of Israel, the international

               In 1977, the CIA used MIND-CONTROL techniques to induce
          Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to go to Israel for so-called
          "peace" talks, which he NEVER would have done otherwise.  (It
          was intended to start a Middle East WAR by breaking the
          resulting treaty.), [2-2-78 WR, AL #28].  Similar MIND-
          CONTROL techniques have been used to create ASSASSINS, such
          as John Chapman (to stop John Lennon from writing more peace
          music), [1-29-81 WR, AL #61], and John Hinckley (a ZIONIST
          faction in the CIA preferred the Bush image in place of the
          Reagon image; the bullet that hit Reagon did NOT come from
          Hinckley's gun!), [4-9-81 WR, AL #63].  Was MIND-CONTROL used
          to induce Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait, and commit certain
          related acts and atrocities?!

               Since early 1979, there has been a secret intelligence
          war of DOUBLES, [WR, 5-10-79 and following issues; AL #45 and
          following AL], in the United States, Russia, the Middle East,
          and elsewhere, making it difficult to tell WHO (including
          Saddam Hussein?!) is REAL.

               Even World War II was fought over Saudi Arabian oil, [5-
          16-85 WR, AL #1].  It was a giant EXTORTION PLOT to help the
          Rockefeller oil cartel to take Saudi Arabian oil rights away
          from the British by using their multi-national corporate
          power to create Nazi Germany as a threat until the British
          gave in.  (This was also the purpose of World War I, but the
          British later used bureaucratic tactics to deny BIG OIL's
          access to Saudi Arabia.)  A secondary purpose was to prevent
          the Japanese from developing oil fields they controlled in
          China.  Internal manipulation (including instigation by the
          Rockefellers' "INSTITUTE OF PACIFIC RELATIONS"), boycott
          tactics, etc., induced the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor,
          bringing the United States into the war against Germany.  
          [Note that warnings about the attack were ignored
          (SUPPRESSED), and ALL THREE U.S. aircraft carriers were kept
          safely away from Pearl Harbor because they were needed for
          the PLANNED counter-attack against Japan.]

               The MILITARY PURPOSE of the mass-{*filter*} at Jonestown,
          Guyana in 1978 was to allow the United States and Israel to
          gain MILITARY ACCESS to that country to wipe-out a secret
          Russian missile base located mid-way between Jonestown and
          Georgetown.  [12-14-78 WR, AL #40.]

               The articles cited above were written by the late Dr.
          Peter David Beter, a well respected Washington, DC attorney,
          Doctor of Jurisprudence, and expert and consultant in
          international law, finance, and intelligence, who received
          much of his information from many associates in the CIA and
          other intelligence groups of other countries who disapproved
          of many of the things happening or being planned behind the

               The "volcanic" disaster in Cameroon, Africa in August
          1986, which killed 1,700 people there, was really a NEUTRON
          BOMB, tested BY ISRAEL for the United States, [4-14-87
          "National Examiner"].  (Note that the volcanic lake was
          completely IN-active long before the disaster, and has been
          completely IN-active ever since.)

               "Global 2000" is an international CON$PIRACY to WIPE-OUT
          most of the world's population by the YEAR 2000 by means of
          war$, famine (via weather control), disease (including
          GENETICALLY-ENGINEERED A.I.D.S.), slow-motion">food poisoning
          (additives, pesticides, etc.), {*filter*} (including tobacco and
          {*filter*}), {*filter*} crime (induced by poverty, drug {*filter*}ion,
          TV {*filter*}, etc.), accidents (unsafe products), suppression
          of natural health remedies (including those against CANCER),
          infant formula samples given to 3rd-world mothers (mixed with
          {*filter*} water; {*filter*}s dry up while using sample, cannot
          afford to buy more), etc., ETC., for POPULATION CONTROL.  
          [And the Catholic Church is making this WORSE by banning use
          of artificial birth-control methods among its many members

               WAR$ AND ATROCITIES WILL CONTINUE as long as most people
          remain ignorant of their TRUE CAUSES (who REALLY creates
          them, HOW, and WHY).

          CREDIBILITY of Dr. Beter

               I wish to give some additional information supporting
          Dr. Beter's credibility, and that of his informers.

               Dr. Beter predicted the bombing of the U.S. Marines in
          Beirut A FULL YEAR BEFORE IT HAPPENED.  He warned that the
          U.S. Pentagon and the Israeli Mossad were CONSPIRING to
          DELIBERATELY ARRANGE IT in order to try to get Americans
          angry at the Arabs.  (It was NO SURPRISE to me when it
          happened!)  [AL #78, #79, and #80 (11-3-82).]

               Dr. Beter predicted the assassination of Anwar Saddat
          SIX DAYS BEFORE IT HAPPENED.  [AL #68 (9-30-81) and #69.]

               Dr. Beter predicted what he called the "RETIREMENT" of
          Leonid Brezhnev ONE WEEK BEFORE Brezhnev "died".  [Note that
          the word "retirement" was used for the TERMINATION OF
          REPLICANTS in the 1982 movie "Blade Runner".]  He also
          predicted that Brezhnev would be quickly replaced with
          Andropov, which occurred ONLY THREE DAYS after the "death" of
          Brezhnev, to the SURPRISE of all government and media
          analysts.  [AL #80 (11-3-82).]

               Dr. Beter could "predict" these events because he had
          been INFORMED about the PLANS to carry them out.

               [I KNOW that we are all supposed to LAUGH at the word
          "{*filter*}".  That is what the various government, military,
          political, media, banking, and corporate CONSPIRATORS have
          successfully PROGRAMMED most of us to do. ]


               ALL 80 Dr. Beter Audio-Letters (about 50 KB each) and an
          Overview (about 75 KB) have been digitized by Jon Volkoff at

          FTP sites where he sent them.

               Jon Volkoff states: "I know of two ftp sites (there are
          a few "gopher" servers too) as follows:

                  under /pub/Politics/Beter.Audio.Letter

                  under /doc/political/umich-poli/Beter.Audio.Letter ."

               I especially recommend Audio-Letters #64, 74, 40, 53,
          54, 55, 45, 46, 47, 48, 78, 79, and 80, and the Overview.  
          ALL of these will fit on a SINGLE 3-1/2-inch disk formatted
          for 720 KB.

               Audio-Letter #64 is about the "STS-1 DISASTER/
          /COVERUP".  Audio-Letter #74 is about the "SECRET PURPOSE of
          the Falklands War", and includes IN-VISIBILITY Technology and
          a Russian NEUTRON BOMB.  Audio-Letter #40 is about the
          "MILITARY PURPOSE of Jonestown Mass-{*filter*}".

               For more information, answers to your questions, etc.,
          please consult my CITED SOURCES.

               UN-altered REPRODUCTION and DISSEMINATION of this
          IMPORTANT Information is ENCOURAGED.

                                           Robert E. McElwaine

Sun, 22 Oct 1995 09:50:06 GMT
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