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Dr. Eike-Henner Kluge (Director of Ethics & Legal Affairs, Canadian
Medical Association, 1989-91) and author of "Biomedical Ethics in a
Canadian Context" (Prentice Hall) recently examined every form of "living
will" and advance directive available in Canada and found that "75% of the
documents available are flawed, inadequate, and unacceptable."

His articles "A Guide to Living Wills" Parts One & Two were published in
"Last Rights", the magazine distributed by The Right to Die Society of
Canada (P.O. Box 39018, Victoria B.C. V8V 4X8).  If you would like more
information about these articles - and about the ONLY two forms of advance
directives which Dr. Kluge did recommend - write to us or leave E-Mail.

john hofsess

FAX (604) 386-3800

Sun, 27 Oct 1996 00:59:15 GMT
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