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A TRUE STORY.  How I stopped chain - smoking in one hour.

                Eigh{*filter*} years ago, I was a habitual chain-smoker, and
had been for a number of years. I was lighting between 70/80 plus
cigarettes a day, and the ashtrays were having a ball. Family and
friends would from time to time, suggest that I give it up, acompanied
by a number of reason why.
But, I did'nt want to stop, after all, money was no problem, I could
afford my habit, my health did not appear to be suffering, anyway,
what other enjoyment did I have ? After all, I did'nt drink (just a
social glass of wine now and then), I did'nt take {*filter*} nor did I
gamble, so why stop my only (or so it seemed) pleasure ?

        However, I was beginning to experience a problem.  I was not getting
satisfaction from my cigarettes, they did'nt seem strong enough. So, I
started to change my brands, always looking for the 'stronger smoke',
and ended up with a 'Full Strength' brand, my were they strong. But
satisfaction from these 'full strength' cigarettes did'nt last long,
and lighting up became just a unconcious habit, sometimes having two
or more cigarettes alight at the same time.

        One night, I was having a marvellous dream. I dreamt that I had found
the perfect cigarette, and 'boy' was I enjoying it. Then it 'burnt me'
and woke me up, yes you've guessed it,I had lit a cigarette in my
sleep.Thank God, it burnt me, for it could have rolled and smouldered
away in the mattress, and set the house on fire, and burnt my family
to death. The thought terrified me.Then, a friend introduced me to
Auriculotherapy. I had never heard of this therapy, but was willing to
give anything a try. The effect was amazing, and instant, I stopped
smoking on my first treatment. What is Auriculotherapy ? It uses the
outer ear for therapeutic purposes, it is, simple to use, safe and

If you would like to discover more about this amazing therapy and it's
uses, ( plus try a free treatment for yourself ) then e-mail us at

Fri, 14 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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