Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 
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 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

 > My wife has had a problem in the last ten years that has been getting
 > worse in the last one to one and a half years.  The symptoms are
 > similiar to what I hear is chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, or
 > epstein barr virus.  The symptoms are: achinn in the joint- hips,
 > knees, sholder, in the last year a sore in the nose that doesn't
 > heal quickly, low grade fever, insomnia at night, puffiness in the
 > face.  These symptoms do not appear all together at one time.  But

I'm not an expert in CFS, but I am intimately familiar with it. While ther
are a number of similarities your wife's condition is quite differant from
the 'classic' case in several points. I have not heard of either the rash
or the puffiness before. The outstanding feature of CFS you barely
mentioned, and that is the extreme Fatigue. Pains of joints are usually
more muscular in nature than of the joints themselves. There is often
interference with mental processes e.g. memory or cognition. Sensitivity
to {*filter*} also seems to be a strong indicator.

I have an echo available (very low content at this point) that has
postings of the various support organizations. 408-259-2223

I'll try to get around to answering by US Mail as well, but no guarantees.


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