Transit time study questions. 
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 Transit time study questions.

I need some advice. I have had severe constipation for the last seven
months. I am 31 and male. I have had a barium{*filter*} which was normal
as well as {*filter*}work. Not anemic and no thyroid problems. Just the
other day I had a transit study done. I took a capsule with some white
round things in them. I took it on a Wednesday and was supposed to get
the x-ray on a Saturday but the nurse forgot to turn the orders in. So
I did not have the x-ray until Monday at noon. I called for my results
and the nurse said the doctor wanted me to take it again and that I
still had several of those markers high in my colon. This scared me.

For the last 6 or 7 years I have had a pain in my left upper abdomen
just below my ribcage. It was not a constant pain and only a few times
would hurt during the night. I could feel it throbbing. Sometimes when
it hurt I could press on or twist my body and it would shoot mild pain
up my chest. The doctor did a ct scan 3 years ago with contrast which
showed nothing. Actually since that test it has not bothered me as

Now because of the transit study when she said it was up high I
wondered if there was something up there blocking stuff from coming
through and that maybe that was what was causing my pain before. But
wouldnt the barium{*filter*} cause catch that?

Does anyone know how many markers are in one of those capsules? Two
days after taking the pill I know I passed 10 of them. (Dont ask how I

Any advice would be appreciated.

Sat, 16 Jul 2005 23:35:30 GMT
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