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        I'm sorry but I lost the message from the person who wants to know
why I recommended Secaris for dry nostrils rather than vaseline.

        the rule of thumb is not to use an oil based product on mucous
membranes: it suffocates membrane cells.  Also, it pastes down nasal hair
which filters out dust and other particles from the air upon intake.

        Secaris contains two water-soluble moisture retaining compounds and
water. If Secaris is not available where you live, you can substitute with
glycerin 20% in water. Never use glycerin in concentrations greater than
26% or it will dry out the membrane rather than moisten it.

        In areas where indoor heat is on, and is maintained by electrical
or gas-powered heat, the air is extremely dry. Humidifiers in the bedroom
helps tremendously in people with dry skin, dry nostrils, allergy to dust
and asthma. You will get used to the noise quite quickly if you can sleep
through the night without dry, cracking throats.

Mon, 28 Oct 1996 14:22:01 GMT
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