Kidney transplant and life expectancy/kidney life expectancy 
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 Kidney transplant and life expectancy/kidney life expectancy

June of this year will mark the fourth anniversary of my receiving one of
my brother's kidneys.  I had been diagnosed with Iga nephropathy
(spelling?), prior to the transplant.  Recently, another physician,
treating me for polycythemia vera, reported that 60 to 70% of transplanted
kidney's fail after 10 years.  I asked a member of my treatment team, and
he said that yes, this was true, but not to worry because I would likely
die of something else first!  I understandably do not wish to have my
kidney fail and return to dialysis or worse, die.  I am medication
compliant, and have had no rejection episodes.

My question is are these statistics correct?  What is the range of
non-problematic use of a translplanted, living related donner ( three
antigen match), kidney in years?  For example, is the range one to twenty
years?  Is there a mean length of time prior to failure?  a standard
deviation?  I would like to understand more specifically what I can
expect, since I am 50, and would like to consider semi- retirement
(part-time work) now, especially while my kidney is functioning.

I also would like to know if kidney transplant recipients are likely to
die earlier than individuals without kidney disease/transplants.

Any/all information appreciated - thanks in advance


Thu, 08 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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