Laser surgery re: eyes 
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 Laser surgery re: eyes

 LB> Thanks Mark - I should have elaborated on those numbers and stated
 LB> that I have only been able to verify 25 actual cases of decreased
 LB> best correction lasting longer than 12 months.  The problem with the
 LB> survey that reported the 62,000+ is that there was insufficient data
 LB> to allow breakouts by months post-op.  If you examine patients
 LB> within the first 3 mnths - there is a much higher incidence of
 LB> decreased best corrected vision than if the pateints are measured at
 LB> one year.  Hope that helps.

Yes, it does clear things up.  The article I reference is actually very good to  
a person who understands the possible complications of eye surgery, for that  
matter any surgery.  I actually came away with the impression that a lot of the  
data may have been misinterpeted/represented regarding the morbidity of RK.

 LB> I sometimes wonder just how much statistics CAN be discussed let
 LB> alone IF they should be.  Unless the reader is intimately familiar

One of the reasons I tried to quote as much of the article that was pertinent  
without getting two verbose.  Statistics can be fun and dangerous, and raw  
numbers or quotes are usually taken with a 'grain of salt' myself.  EG., 'If I  
modify technique A I can double my success rate.'  In actuality the success  
rate goes from 0.01% to 0.02%. :*)

 LB> More importantly is the fact that considering the hostility of the
 LB> initial response to the surgery by a segment of the ophthalmic
 LB> community - had complication rates been REALLY high - you can be
 LB> sure that they would have been reported by someone!  O'Day did his

It's hard to teach old dogs new tricks, especially old doctors. :*)  Even  
during my residency I sense myself working into a groove.  I prefer to use  
Brand X for diagnosis Y.  And when Brand Z comes out I'll look at it  
skeptically at first, and it'll have to prove itself before I switch from my  
Brand X.  Hay look at the start IOL's had, and now start signing up planned  
ECCE's w/o IOL's and see how long before the someone is reviewing you. :*)

The best too you, and keep up the good work,

Uucp: ...{gatech,ames,rutgers}!ncar!noao!asuvax!stjhmc!273!905.999!Mark.Moran

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 21:34:00 GMT
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