Effects of RF on Medical Equipment. 
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 Effects of RF on Medical Equipment.

I am doing research into the Effects of RF fields generated by Walkie
talkies and Cellular phones, on Medical Devices (patient connected)
Also Adverse effects of same on Lab. equipment.

Any Information relating to life threatening incidents caused by above
would be most appreciated as would anyone elses tests and experimental
results I have carried out simple tests using Standard cell phones GSM
cell phones and Low power walkie talkies, The results of which have
been most alarming.

Many Thanks

Anthony Enright.

Bio-Med Dept. Beaumont Hospital Dublin.

Mon, 08 Sep 1997 06:13:52 GMT
 Effects of RF on Medical Equipment.
I am a paramedic and the issue of RF interference with medical equipment has
recently come to our attention causing us great concern.  Our primary mode of
communication with our dispatchers is by VHF radio whether that be the 5 watt
portables we carry or 100 watt mobile units.
It would be interesting to see if certain frequencies or bandwidths effect
equipment differently.  Also, the effects of power output of the radio would
be interesting to test.  Most public service portables put out 5 watts, some
are swwitchable from 2 to 5 watts.  Does VHF or UHF effect equipment more?  We
operate on 155.400 and have had no complaints from hospital staff of our
radios causing problems with equipment.  Be intersted to hear your results as
I would hate for me keying my portable to cause a patient harm.
Take care.

Gregory D. Rose, B.A., E.M.T.-P.
Emergency Medical Services Training, Education & Consultation
Auburn, Maine, U.S.A.

Tue, 09 Sep 1997 17:18:32 GMT
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