help w/ sore throat 
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 help w/ sore throat

I've got this bad, bad sore throat from
a cold 4.5 days now...feels like I'm
swallowing needles and nails!  

The doctor took a quick look and
gave me ampicillin (500mg) along
with Nucofed Exp. and chloraceptic
lozenges.  I'm wondering if I should
take the ampicillin.  Is ampicillin an
antibiotic? (I'm doubting even my own
brain now..)  I think I heard my
professors said something about unnecessary
antibiotics and how it can make things worse.

My sore throat is still trying to kill me.
Any suggestion as to take this ampicillin
or not??  Please hurry and e-mail any
comments/thoughts...I don't want to face
another torturous night like last night

I've tried lemon and hot water...and
added a bit of honey....gargled w/ salt
water...still it hurts!!  One advice was
to try ginger and hot water.  But I don't
want to do anything to aggravate this anymore
than it is...

Please, please help!

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Mon, 11 Oct 1993 09:29:50 GMT
 help w/ sore throat
You definitely should be taking the antibiotic.  Sounds like you have a beta
strep infection.  Are your running a fever?  If you have a beta strep infection
and don't take the antibiotic, you may develop rheumatic fever, a lifelong
debilitating disease.  Your doctor should have given you a prescription for
enough pills for 10 days.  TAKE ALL OF THEM!  If you don't take all of them,
even though the sore throat will probably disappear in 24 hrs, you still run
the risk of develping rheumatic fever.  This is serious.   Don't play doctor
for yourself.

Sun, 17 Oct 1993 03:33:42 GMT
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