URGENT!!: Terminal Lung-afflication, help sought 
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 URGENT!!: Terminal Lung-afflication, help sought

A friend's aunt is in dire need of a diagnosis.  She has little time left, so any suggestions
as to where to go or how to gethelp is greatly appreciated.

55 year old female non-smoker, now terminally ill.
She suffers from :
(1) Pseudomonas Pneumonia diagnosed in April 1994 (has been ill since January 1994).

(2) [this is the great unknown] Unknown infection in left lung, common breath way and has now
entered right lung.  Common breath way may include esophagus.

(3) Malabsorption of food.  TPN has been cooking.net">food source but is no longer being processed
successfully.  Patient is therefore  losing weight, as a result, doctors are not able to
remove left lung.  

(4) Her liver is under stress.

(5) G2 tube into stomach is not being used.

Lung scarsare evident from a previous infection some time in her past.  
Patient has been hospitalized for a month.  

Any help, source of help, reference or diagnosis is urgently requested.


Wed, 29 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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