Retin A and acne scars 
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 Retin A and acne scars

I was alarmed to see that Retin A will now be marketable as a wrinkle cream.
I was prescribed Retin A after suffering stress triggered breakouts.  After
using the cream for a while my face was breaking out worse than ever (yes they
warn that this happens) but this acne left scars!  On top of that my face was
continually red and scaley. I now have some scaring on my cheeks and I will
have to live with it forever.  For me the "cure" was worse than the symptoms.  

Has anyone else seen these kind of troubles and is it common?

Happy ending: I was then put on a Eurythrimicin (excuse my spelling) and 5%
benzol peroxide.  My face cleared up within days!

Sun, 21 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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