Urgent!Lung transplant survial info needed 
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 Urgent!Lung transplant survial info needed

A rrelative underwent a double lung transplant operation last night
and suvived the the surgury.  I would like a break down on her chances
over time.  We've been told it was 50/50 for the surgery and the next
48hrs.  Can any one tell me how it breaks down after that? At say 1
week, 1mo. 6 mo 1 yr etc.?  She is 35 yr old and was in very good
health until about 1 yr ago.  Six mo ago she was diagnosed with
primary pulmonary hypertension.  Several treatment protocols including
prostacyclin failed and she was deteriating fast, so she was placed
and rapidly moved up for the transplant. Now of course she has an
uphill battle with that, so any info or direction to info would help.

Thanks in advance,
Susan M. Kennedy

Sat, 14 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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