Omeprazole and gastric reflux - help? 
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 Omeprazole and gastric reflux - help?

I've just been into the GI unit for an endoscopy. I've had pain from
gastric reflux (mostly at night) for about 12 years and they wanted to
have a look.

I was still very woozy from the sedation when the GI specialist came to
see me but what I did get was something about the cells in my oesophagus
starting to act like stomach lining cells? He may have said "Barrat's
Oesophagus" but my memory of the conversation is pretty bad due to the

The result is that my GP (doctor) has put me on Omeprazole (Losec). The
usual 2 minute throughput problem here meant that I managed to get very
little information out of him either.

So, if anyone can give me any info or comment on any of this, I'd be
most grateful.



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Mon, 12 May 1997 23:25:30 GMT
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